Time to Shine: 8 Digital Marketing Tips That Will Help Your Law Firm Stand Out Online

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There comes a time in every lawyer’s life when they wonder…

“How the heck am I supposed to market myself and my law firm?”

You may know the difference between torts and crimes, appeals and cross-appeals, affidavits and depositions, but when it comes to generating leads and turning them into clients, you’re drawing a blank.

Take heart: digital marketing for lawyers is a specialized area of knowledge, but with a few tips (and a little guidance from an experienced legal marketing professional), you can improve your firm’s digital footprint and client base.   

Eight digital marketing tips (that your law firm can use today)

The results of your digital marketing activities depend on how effective your strategy is and how well you execute it. 

Let’s look at some tips and tactics to ensure your law firm does it well.

1. Make your website user-friendly 

90% of law firms may have a website, but that doesn’t mean these websites are optimally designed. 

As the public face of your law firm, your website should be easy to use and load quickly. This is especially true in the era of mobile internet traffic (which accounts for about half of all traffic, in fact). 

Remove unnecessary elements from your website and ensure that everything is smooth, fast, and easy to navigate. Otherwise, visitors from your marketing campaigns will click away faster than you can say “objection!”

2. Invest in a strategy for SEO

Consider investing in a comprehensive law firm SEO strategy. A soup-to-nuts SEO plan should wrap in the following: 

  • Technical SEO to improve the functionality of your site
  • On-page SEO to create a good user experience with relevant, high-quality content
  • Off-site SEO activities like claiming online directories, link building, guest blogging, and more

Your SEO strategy shouldn’t be cookie-cutter. To deliver real results, it needs to align with your business goals, the value your law firm provides, and the needs of your audience. Otherwise, you’ll lose trust with your audience…and the opportunity to win new clients. 

3. Share high-quality, authority-boosting content

Regularly publishing high-quality legal blog posts is a great way to boost the authority of your law firm. Posts explaining legal concepts or answering frequently asked questions will reinforce your subject matter expertise and nurture trust with your readers. 

You don’t have to limit your content to blogs, though. Consider weaving in different content types like videos, eBooks, infographics, quizzes, and more. 

4. Post client testimonials

Most people are only comfortable trying a business they find online (including a law firm) only after reading positive reviews of that business. With that in mind, one of the smartest digital marketing tips you can employ is to post client testimonials on your legal site.

Just a few testimonials or positive reviews will significantly improve your firm’s trustworthiness in the eyes of prospects, leading to more calls and more clients.

It’s one thing to know you should request reviews, though, and another thing to get them. 

Working with an experienced marketing agency can help you identify effective strategies for gathering reviews, such as creating drip campaigns or leveraging review sites. 

5. Use videos where you can

There’s a reason TikTok is so absorbing: we all love to watch videos. 

Make good use of video content like advertisements, explainers, and client testimonials throughout your site. Video marketing materials can be very persuasive, and they’re also very shareable. 

You can post many of the same videos across multiple online sites or spaces for your law firm, which leads to the next big digital marketing tip for lawyers…

6. Create content calendars for social media

Most law firms have some kind of social media presence, but what are you using it for? 

It’s all too common for lawyers to start social posting with the best of intentions and quickly get derailed by billable work. Yet, there’s a simple industry secret that can make it much easier to post consistently and effectively. 

Content calendars. 

Creating a monthly or quarterly content calendar reduces the mental effort in social media marketing. You can design your content around themes, create series, and plan for events, commemorations, and more. Yes, the content still needs to be created, but you’re less likely to spend hours staring at a blank field on Facebook before filling it in. 

Bonus tip: if your law firm regularly blogs, work your blog content into your social strategy. This can drive traffic to your website and increase the likelihood of leads contacting you for a consultation. 

7. Revamp your calls to action

Click here. Contact us. Learn more. These well-established CTAs are all over the internet, and they’re not the stuff high conversion rates are made of. 

If your CTA buttons and sections aren’t getting a lot of clicks, revisit the text you use for calls-to-action and make them descriptive and value-driven. To be the most effective, they should clearly describe how you can solve a client’s pain points.

Consider the difference: 

❌ Sign up for our newsletter 

✅ Get weekly legal insights delivered to you

❌ Contact us to learn more

✅ Register for your free strategy session

8. Invest in PPC ads for your site

PPC or pay-per-click ads can be an effective digital marketing tool. That’s because you only pay for the ads if someone clicks through to your site. 

Implement the call-to-action advice mentioned above, and your PPC ads will drive traffic to your site, especially if you incorporate the right keywords.

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