“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

Your copy, your content, your story.

We’re all about collaborating to create memorable, useable content to connect your customers to your most valuable assets: your brand, your story, and you. 


    Custom, ghostwritten copy designed to:

    •  Help your website thrive in SEO rankings
    • Create valuable content to share across all your platforms
    • Position you as a thought leader in a busy marketplace


    You did a THING! Now it’s time to tell everyone about it. We highlight your big news with a detailed-yet-concise press release and distribute it to the right publications to start conversations and build awareness.


    If your web content isn’t accurate and up-to-date, then is it really helping you? We keep websites relevant with a strategic look at your audience’s needs, a content management plan, and perfectly crafted copy to help your SEO.


    We work with specialists to develop data-driven, informative research on topics your audience cares about. Whether it’s a further exploration of a popular post on your blog or a new analysis of larger industry trends, these long-form works provide serious value for your customers and establish your position not just as an expert, but a trusted resource. 

    We provide our expertise so you can showcase yours 

    Our approach is straightforward: offer your audience valuable, usable content and keep them coming back for more. At FocusWorks Marketing, we work with subject matter experts and combine their knowledge with marketing insight.

     What’s included:

    • Content strategy
    • Expert writers
    • Keyword research
    • Editorial calendars
    • SEO optimization

    And all the planning, editing, and behind-the-scenes execution to get your content out at the front of your industry.



    There’s an overabundance of information out there on the internet. Building a website is only half the battle. Content marketing is crucial to online and offline success, and we go above and beyond to ensure that your content marketing strategy launches your business to the next level.

    To increase conversions, you can leverage content marketing by distributing unique, educational, engaging content.