Rebranding Announcement

by | FocusWorks News

Hi from FocusWorks! 

Do you like our new look? Honestly, we’re pretty excited about it.

You’ll notice:

  • A (slightly) updated color palette 
  • A few tweaks to our logo
  • Super cool collages (follow our Facebook or LinkedIn to start seeing them in action)
  • A more streamlined, contemporary brand feel

Why mess with perfection you ask? Well, for one thing, perfection doesn’t exist. We’re a work in progress, just like everybody else!

For another thing, we believe that all companies can benefit from revisiting the who, what, and why of their work from time to time. We did, and we realized that 1), We’ve accomplished a lot, and 2), We’ve learned some things about ourselves in the process.

In the past three years, FocusWorks has:

  • Begun serving clients nationwide 
  • Received some pretty neat awards, including the 2021 LMA’s Creative Crowd Sourcing Campaign
  • Added a professional copyeditor and lead a generation specialist to our team

As is often the case, this process also gave us the chance to revisit our company values and our core brand promises. 

At FocusWorks, we value clarity, precision, and a data-driven approach to content marketing.

Our new look is clean, polished, and efficient—with just a touch of levity. 

And that’s FocusWorks! We’re a woman-owned and woman-led company with a serious commitment to delivering top-quality work—and a certain joie de vivre that we’re proud to bring to our client relationships. 

Hope to see you out there!

Yours in marketing, 

The FocusWorks Team