Content That Converts™: Official Trademark Approved

by | FocusWorks News

From inception, FocusWorks founder Amanda Sexton had a clear vision for FocusWorks even before she started her business—the name, the teal that has become our main brand color, and the mission.

The name: FocusWorks Marketing. And it, in fact, does. 

The color: #3ec1ce

The mission: To provide a marketing experience to clients that is strategic, personalized, and innovative.

FocusWorks aims to be an agency that prioritizes the client experience and maximizes ROI, and one that produces stellar content. 

In fact, the origin of FocusWorks is rooted in not only producing top-notch content but the BEST content in the industry. And our team strives for this every day. 

The goal: To help brands tell their stories in new and creative ways to deliver content that generates results—whether it’s emails that people want to open, a website that converts visitors into leads, or content that provides real value and knowledge.

All of this together, and we’ve created an agency that does deliver results. From our core values to our ongoing internal conversations on how to keep improving, we’ve created a growth-driven agency, both in generating results for our clients and internally for our team.

Most importantly, we’re not generic. Our content stands out, it delivers results, and it speaks to the target audience and turned readers into leads—and then into clients. 

And that’s why our tagline, Content that converts™, is so on-brand for us. And that’s why finally having the official trademark for Content that converts™ feels so right!

The tagline: Content that converts™

We help businesses grow through stellar content. After all, content is the main course of marketing. And though we execute conversion campaigns and lead funnels and SEO optimization, we at FocusWorks take a content-first approach. And we’re committed to never producing anything less than excellent. 

That’s why “Content that converts™” is at the heart of what we do. Content that is optimized for growth is what we do best.

It feels good for it to be officially ours—and ours to share with you. As of February 9, 2022, the trademark for our brand’s tagline is officially approved as the intellectual property of FocusWorks Marketing. 

If you want stellar copy and increased conversions for your site, your blogs, your social media, or your email newsletters, get in touch. 

Content that converts™, coming right up! In fact, it’s our specialty.