Our founder, Amanda Sexton, joined Media 7 for their series Q&A with Thought Leaders for a session on how content marketing can help business owners and their teams get the results they need and deserve from their marketing budgets. From branding strategies that help clients stand out from their competition to personalized marketing strategies that generate the best returns, we help businesses relate to their clients and turn leads into customers—and we’re always excited to talk about it!

“Our content has two goals—to speak directly to our client’s target audience and to sound exactly on-brand in a way that’s uniquely and clearly that business’, anytime someone sees it.” Amanda discusses the importance of branding and voice and tone, and she relates how creating the highest-quality content your business can imagine can be the key differentiator for your marketing strategy. 

Check it out: Q&A with Amanda Sexton, Founder at FocusWorks Marketing—Media 7